For when you can’t see God

The other day I felt the Lord speaking to me about how much Jesus longs to be with us in this age. When I say “this age” I am using Bible lingo for life from the time of Jesus resurrection and ascension to the point when He returns someday with the fullness of His Kingdom. In the age to come, we will see Jesus clearly with an “unveiled” face and will experience fullness of relationship with Him tangibly. We won’t have any problem “feeling” connected to Jesus in the age to come.

But right now can feel like a totally different story. There is this problem we face when interacting with God: invisibility. God is really, really invisible to us right now!

God does at times “break through” into to the tangible so we can feel His presence, see heavenly things, or see the miraculous. But right now, how I am supposed to interact with the invisible God?

Through the Spirit. God is Spirit, and God has made us with a spirit.

The insight I felt God revealed to me is what I am calling “Reciprocal ‘With-ness'”- I like to make up words…sorry English teachers.

Jesus longs so much to be with us in this age that even though His physical body is in heaven, the Father sent His Spirit to live IN us. Paul in Ephesians 2 teaches us that while our physical bodies on earth right now, our spirit is seated with Christ in heavenly places. Check out Ephesians 2:1-6

So here’s how it breaks down:

-Jesus: body in heaven, Spirit living in you on the earth

-Christians: bodies on earth, our spirits with Jesus in heaven

A lot of Christians probably “technically” acknowledge those 2 realities like I did, but think about it: REALITY is that there is perfect spiritual communion between you and God…RIGHT NOW, even if you don’t feel it. He longs so much to be with you that He made His Spirit fully available to you right now. This is reality for the Christian.

The connection we have with God right now is so much deeper than our daily perceptions of God. God upholds, sustains, and longs to feed you daily by His Spirit and His word. This reciprocal connection will sustain us until we see Him face to face.


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