What’s really important on Super Bowl Sunday…

You probably already know… FOOD.


Ben and his sis are out of town- celebrating Grandpa’s 81st birthday! So I am living it up all by myself for the day…don’t think I’m complaining, I really appreciate some alone time every once in awhile.

I just wanted to check in and share a treasure I found today in honor of the Super Bowl tomorrow: CHIPOTLE RASPBERRY SAUCE. Sounds weird, right? Well, try to think it is weird after you mix it with cream cheese, put it on a salty cracker and then in your mouth. You might still say it’s weird, but it is also weirdly irresistible and I bet you will go back for another cracker with this amazing sweet-spicy-salty-creamy deliciousness.

I first had this appetizer at a New Year’s party, but I have never seen the sauce anywhere in stores to purchase it myself. Until today, my friends. There is a new cafe where I live and I thought I would venture out to get myself some lunch and free wi-fi. And that’s where I found part of my contribution to tomorrow’s super bowl party.

Maybe “raspberry sauce over cream cheese” doesn’t sound manly enough for a super bowl party, but I am celebrating with some of my girlfriends who like sparkles and boys with a refined palate who probably don’t even know what teams are playing in the game tomorrow.

Let’s face it, the Dau House is just plain out of the loop when it comes to nationally celebrated sports events.

If you don’t have a place to buy this stuff, here is a homemade recipe for Raspberry Chipotle sauce.

Artwork courtesy of my friend Stuart. Yes, that is a picture of a raspberry and jalepeno in love.


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