Favorite Friday

Just the other day, my friend Breanna and I were talking about how FAST new worship music is coming out. There is so much good stuff out there- thanks Holy Spirit for all the creativity, inspiration, and artistic expression!



The Loft Sessions is a new album from Bethel Church in Redding, CA. Check out this cool behind the scenes video about the making of the album. They remodeled the loft of a barn and made it into a creative space for worship gatherings and recording…so cool! When I record music, I would LOVE to do it in a setting like that. The video I posted yesterday was shot inside the Loft.

But don’t let the “barn like” atmosphere fool you, the sound of the tunes on the album are multi-faceted- there is some acoustic stuff, some indie sounding, some strings, some electric stuff. There is some great soaking worship- I call soaking worship the kind of music you don’t even want to sing sometimes but just let it wash over you and let Jesus minister to you through it. There are also some really great songs for connecting with Jesus and meditating on the closeness of the relationship we are able to have with Him. Check out My Dear¬†and You Know Me.

This album has captured the heart of many people in my spheres of life, I hope you enjoy it!


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