Jesus’ Top Priorities in the Church: Fellowship

Continuing on in John 17:

“Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am…” v.24a

Jesus continues to pray to His Father on behalf of the church, or “those who will believe in me (Jesus) through their (the apostles) message.”

The first thing Jesus asks the Father for is unity within the Church and unity between the Church and the Godhead. Jesus says that He asks for this so the world would know that God sent Jesus to the earth to display love. The second thing Jesus asks for is a more personal request. He begins this second request with the astounding words “I WANT”.

Those two words are astounding when you consider Who it is that is speaking. Jesus, who existed from eternity past in brilliant glory with His Father, who NEEDS absolutely NOTHING to be eternally sustained. This One, who needs nothing- He WANTS something. As one’s redeemed by His ultimate sacrifice, we should be so eager to know: “What is it that you want, Jesus?!”

He wants you to be with Him where He is. He wants companionship, fellowship, intimacy, partnership- with you, with us. He wants to walk with you daily. It really is that simple. To be with Him where He is, we need to know- where is He?

He is in the lowest and the highest place. He is the servant of all, and He is the King on the throne. I think of 2 main things when I think of “where” He is: service and intercession.

At the incarnation (Jesus becoming a Man), Jesus showed us His character by being the Servant of All. He washed feet, touched dirty people, and  played with children. Jesus is steady, His character never changes, He didn’t just put on a “servant outfit” for 33 years- He always has is been and always will be a servant. Did you know that at the End of the Age, at the wedding supper of the Lamb, He the one who will prepare the meal and serve us!

Jesus is also in the Highest place, seated above every rule and authority (Ephesians 1). From the throne room of God, He intercedes for His people (Hebrews 7:25). This gives me great strength, knowing that Jesus lives to intercede for me (and us) and He is able to save me completely. This is what He is doing, right now! Also, we are invited to this place, for Paul says in Ephesians that we have been seated with Christ in heavenly places- we are invited to parter with Jesus in the ministry of praying for others.

Jesus- help us be with You where You are! Holy Spirit, show us how to walk with God daily so we can answer Jesus prayer for us to be with Him.


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