Difference between a House of Prayer and a Church

With the prayer movement growing in the world today (there are now 22 Houses of Prayer in Iowa alone!), there are questions about what it is and how it is different from the church.

For me this is an interesting question because I am involved in leadership of both a House of Prayer AND a church. There is not tension for me in this- I see the House of Prayer and Church as friends, not competitors.

In the Lord’s eyes, the (capital “C”) Church is not a location or a building, it is anyone anywhere who has pledged his or her allegiance to Jesus and demonstrates this allegiance by their internal and external life. A church is also a specific group of Christians that meet in a regular location. Similarly, a House of Prayer is a group of Christians that meet together in a regular location. So how do they differ? Hopefully Mike’s video brings some much needed clarity to this question.


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