The Privilege of Forgiveness

“A person’s wisdom yields patience; it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense.” Proverbs 19:11

There is a privilege unique to Christians when someone offends, wounds, or hurts us- we get to forgive. Some may say that anyone can forgive, regardless of which faith they subscribe to, but I would ask this question:

“How is sin actually forgiven? Where does our hurt from offense actually go when we forgive?”

For the Christian, this is the answer: “The sin is forgiven by the shed blood of Jesus, and the offense or wound is literally absorbed into the broken body of the the Crucified Christ.”

This is good news! There is a REAL place for our brokenness to go, a real God-man with a real body who is able and willing to receive the wounds that we have given ourselves, the wounds we have given others, and the wounds that others have given us. Jesus still carries the wounds of Calvary on His body and He will forevermore…remember Jesus post resurrection encounter with Thomas where He had Thomas put his fingers in the wounds on His body? Jesus is forever BOTH the Slain Lamb and the Lion of Judah.

The wounds, offenses, and pain of humanity need a real place to go. That is why Jesus is not just “for some people”. He IS the remedy- He is the God who became broken for our sake, that we could find legitimate forgiveness and peace for our souls.

Although difficult to forgive others (and ourselves) at times, forgiveness is really a privilege! It is not a “have to”, it is a “get to”. It is our glory as Christians to forgive!


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