Encouraging Word

Ben and I listened to a message yesterday called “Responding Well in a Season of Pruning”. This message was given by Allen Hood at Forerunner Christian Fellowship in Kansas City.

How do you know if you are in a season of pruning or discipline? There is always loss in pruning, just as there is visible loss in the pruning of trees or plants. Pruning under the loving hand of our Father will reveal itself in loss- of finances, of influence, of comfort, of self righteousness, or many other things.

Allen dives into John 14 and 15 to understand the purpose and Father’s heart behind pruning- it is actually a REWARD for growth 🙂

Then Allen gives practical advice from Hebrews 12 for action and attitude in responding to pruning. When we acknowledge and submit to the pruning process, it generally gets over with sooner.

If you are in a season of pruning or you know someone who is (that’s probably covers everyone!), I would highly encourage you to listen and share this message with others. You can listen to it or download the MP3 for FREE here.

And while I’m at it, I might as well give a shout out for Allen Hood– I so appreciate this man of God! He is an encourager, he is honest, childlike, sincere, and has a great sense of humor in his speaking. I dare you to NOT love this message! 😉


One thought on “Encouraging Word

  1. So interesting, our motto for this next DTS school is out of John 15:5. I will give it a listen! Thank you and i hope to have a Skype chat sometime with you. Missing you!

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