Prayer List for Ministry Leaders

Yesterday, Ben and I were officially installed as the Senior Leaders of the Vineyard in Waverly.

This is exciting! Dan Paxton (the Senior Leader at Heartland Vineyard) came to install us and gave both the congregation and Ben and I specific charges. To the congregation, Dan gave a charge for them to pray for us. He used alliteration to help us remember what to pray:

Protection- especially spiritual protection from the enemy

Preaching- to speak biblical truth with clarity

Perseverance- that we would keep our “fight” to advance the Kingdom and not give up

Passion- for Jesus and His work

Perception- wisdom and discernment in decision making

Priorities- healthy and biblical priorities- to seek God first and keep our marriage healthy

This is a great prayer list for church and ministry leaders. I have found as an intercessor that it is SO HELPFUL to have a simple outline in prayer so that intercession is focused- thank you Dan!

For Ben and I, our charge was to not do the work of ministry alone, to remember that we are a part of a body and Jesus is the head of that body.

At a later time I will share my prayer list for the Vineyard in Waverly- hopefully Vineyard readers will partner with me in praying those things for our local Body.

Thank you to the Waverly Vineyard community for their support during this transition. Ben and I so appreciate you! And please- pray for us!


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