Favorite Friday

If you have ever talked with me about favorite books or authors, you know it won’t take long before I mention my favorite British theologian, David Pawson. I first heard about him through IHOP (International House of Prayer) Kansas City when he visited to speak during an “Israel and the End Times” conference. During the week he visited IHOP, he gave TWENTY ONE messages ranging from Song of Solomon to the End Times- you can access all of the videos messages here. He speaks with great clarity, simplicity, marvelous story-telling, and memorable humor. David’s goal when teaching is to convey his message in such a way that a 10-year old child can understand. I simply cannot recommend him highly enough!

Although David has written many, many books, his most popular is a biblical resource called “Unlocking the Bible”. This book has helped me to have a more wholistic view of Scripture and also look at each book as a whole. He does a wonderful job of speaking to cultural nuances and also what was happening in natural history while the story of God as found in the Bible was unfolding. Complete with maps, charts, and timelines, “Unlocking the Bible” is truly a wonderful study companion that not only helps my mind, but also my heart to understand the epic story of God.


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