Hello 2012

I am back in Waverly after 10 days of a whirlwind of family, food, road tripping, playing, resting. This really is a New Year for the Dau house- it feels like it more than ever as Ben is now the lead pastor at the Waverly Vineyard.

God was so faithful to speak to Ben and I over this 10 day break about what we are called to focus on this year. There are so many facets of God, so many books to read, so MUCH, too much to focus on in one year. But there have been some themes highlighted that I will be focusing on in the New Year- here are some of the things I will be going after in 2012.

Food. I am making a goal to eat sweet stuff on the weekends only (for the most part). Sweet stuff for me is not just natural food but also spiritual food. I love to read books, and that’s great, but I want to mostly be focused on filling my mind with the Word. This looks like Isaiah, John, and all their friends during the week and Bill Johnson, David Pawson, and their friends on the weekend 🙂 I don’t just want to read cool stories and biblical principles- I want to get a hold of this stuff for real, get it in my heart and talk about it with Jesus.

Fasting. I will be participating in the Global Bridegroom Fast (GBF). This is a 3 day a month fast thats purpose is to know Jesus as our Bridegroom. Fasting is not abstaining from food to get God’s attention, it is a voluntary denial of what fills us up to say “God, I want more of You. As I abstain from food, Holy Spirit, increase my capacity to be filled by You.” There are lots of types of fasts too, you can abstain from sweets only, or eat plant-based only food, and many other types. But I encourage you- go for it! Fasting is hard and that’s why it’s good to do it with other people- there are thousands of people around the world that do the GBF each month. Check out this resource to learn more about fasting.

Focus. The main cry of my heart this year is the same as always. “Holy Spirit, help me fix my attention, my affection, my eyes, on Jesus.” I want to be like Adam in the garden and Enoch after the fall- I want to walk with Him in everything- the mystical and the mundane. This looks like signing up again to know Him, to talk with Him, to listen to Him. There is this beautifully humbling verse in Job that says “God is great, and we know Him not.” Every year (and every day!) is like starting new again in our pursuit of God and saying “Holy Spirit, teach me how to pray again, help me know the Father’s heart, help me love like Jesus loves.”

I love that I just get to be Daddy God’s little one, that there isn’t pressure from Him to be something I am not, and that I am just at the beginning of the beginning of of knowing Him and knowing who I am in Him.

What is God calling you to go after this year?


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