Favorite Reads- Tales of the Kingdom Series

I added a new page to this blog of my favorite books, which are some of the most beloved treasures the Dau house loves to share 🙂 Check out the “Reads” tab on the home page to find a list and links to our favorites . This sharing of reads is an invitation for you to share yours with us too, I know there are many more good ones we have yet to find!

We came across these  story books by accident. Ben used to work at a church in Cedar Falls where they were clearing out some books from their library. Ben brought the first book of this series home because he loves stories and the artwork looked interesting. Little did we know we found a real gem of a modern day parable series!  If you are looking to cultivate childlikeness in your heart, these are a must read; we consider them classics. These books would also make a wonderful gift for school aged children and their parents!


One thought on “Favorite Reads- Tales of the Kingdom Series

  1. Amy, we’d love to borrow these (one at a time) – they are out of print and amazon & ebay prices are prohibitive for them. — april

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