Rise and Fight

The generation I am a part of, the Gen-Xers, is in serious trouble.

We are the first generation as a whole estimated to have a shorted life expectancy than our parents- we are, in general, unhealthier and poorer than the previous generation. There are many reasons for our condition- the political, economic, and environmental climate we live in; our Western culture that is increasingly progressing towards greed, selfish ambition, and the sexualization of well, about everything.

There are a lot of reasons for this young generation to feel “down on their luck.” The tendency to compare sneaks in and thoughts of self-pity tend to follow: “They didn’t have to work as hard as I do.” “Why does it seem like things fall through for me?” “I worked hard for this degree and no one will give me a job.” I do not in any way mean to minimize the difficulty and grieving that goes along with difficult circumstances. But even in the midst of difficulty, there is a choice to be made. A choice of focus.

A choice to focus inward or outward, to behold ourselves or the King of Glory.

I read this morning a book called “The Torch and the Sword”– where Rick Joyner shares about encounters that he had in the heavenlies. These heavenly encounters weren’t just to make him feel good, or amaze him- they were to equip him and give him wisdom. Wisdom for the fight that we all choose to partake in (or not) everyday. The fight for wholeness and health in every dimension of our lives- in our relationships, finances, physically, verbally, emotionally, etc. We do not pity ourselves or one another in this fight- for we fight only for a short time.

Here is some dialogue from this book:

“This touched me deeply. I felt very sorry for this young girl who had already been through so much. I thought that she may truly never have known peace or rest from the struggle her entire life. A deep desire came over me to take her away to a place where she could just be a little girl…

“Don’t even think about it!” A sharp, familiar, voice behind me said. “There are many children who are called to a life of battle on this earth. It is their destiny, and you must not rob them of it. Those who fight here like she is doing will have a reward which they can enjoy for eternity, but here she must fight. I warn you, do not show her pity! Self-pity is one of her greatest enemies. She cannot be defeated by the enemy if she continues to fight, but if she falls to self-pity, she will be disarmed and easily defeated.”

The little girl reached out and touched my arm as she said, “He is right. Every time I start to think about myself in that way, I start to  lose my faith and courage. Please do not feel sorry for me. I know I have been given great honor to be able to fight in the King’s battles. I gave my life to Him, and now I must live only for Him, not myself.”

The familiar voice said, “Self-pity is the deadly enemy of her generation. Do not open the door to that enemy by showing them pity. Give them hope! Give them courage! Teach them endurance! Give them the training and weapons they need, but I warn you- never, never, never give them pity! That mentality is to fear more than the evil horde out there.”

“I know an age is coming when all children will be able to play,” the girl added. “I know they will be able to play with all creatures in peace and safety. Then love, joy, and peace will be the happy abode of all. I have seen this in my dreams, and I have read it in the Scriptures. I am fighting so this day will come. By fighting this fight, I will live a life full of more adventure and glory than any child who dwells in a life of play and fantasy.”


We fight knowing that we fight for a short time. There is an appointed end to suffering and sickness, destruction and death. Jesus, our soon coming King is bringing with Him a righteous and everlasting Kingdom.


One thought on “Rise and Fight

  1. How recently I’ve thought these very things! There is no place for self-pity if you are not focused on yourself but on the Kingdom.

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