Life is in transition again with Ben becoming Lead Pastor at the Vineyard church in Waverly. As he embarks on this new journey, he started a new blog, you can check it out at http://thehappypastor.wordpress.com/.

Our old blogspot blog didn’t really have much of a focus, so we are shutting it down soon. And (obviously), I am embarking on a new blogging journey of my own!

The name of this blog comes from a simple concept that has impacted my life in a deep way: “You become like what you worship”. Whatever we focus on in life, whatever we spend our resources (time, energy, money) on, we begin to resemble.  In short, I desire to become like the One who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The Jewish God-Man, the One who lives to share deep communion with His Father and invite humanity into the depth of that communion.

This will be a space for sharing revelation, dreams, fears, and stories. Welcome to the observation of my journey- and I hope to hear from you too!


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